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Benefits of outsourcing IT services

When you reach out to IT professionals for their services, your business gains reliable and affordable access to the skills and experience you need to achieve your goals.
Daily management

Cost effectiveness

Gain significant cost savings by reducing the need to hire a full-time IT team, while retaining on-demand access to high-level expertise and support.

Additional savings, found through preventative IT maintenance and reduced reliance on internal salaried personnel, means you can budget more effectively and invest more in other areas of the business.
Small business owner meeting with IT services provider to discuss pros and cons of outsourcing over the long term

A dedicated team of experts

Outsourced IT providers offer specialist teams with a depth and breadth of experience that may be difficult to replicate in-house.

In addition to consulting with you to understand your business, an allocated external IT services provider can offer:
An account manager and on-demand helpdesk support
Expert IT network maintenance and experience in technical specialisms, such as compliance and cybersecurity
An experienced IT strategist to support your short-term needs and long-term goals.
Notes from a consultative technical support call with a client being passed to a network maintenance specialist
"Micro Maintenance have supported all aspects of our IT and Data needs for many years,"
Intelligent Security & Fire

Objectivity, focus and strategy

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot of other responsibilities. Your time is also limited.

Outsourcing IT support can mean you receive objective advice, less affected by internal circumstances, and the knowledge that an expert is always focused on your IT systems.

They will be engaged in short- and long-term work: from scheduled maintenance to identifying future upgrades that secure the longevity of your IT infrastructure.
IT service desk professional providing a business owner with impartial advice about meeting data compliance standards
“Anyone can do it once but Micro Maintenance are able to give a good service all the time.”
International Leisure Furniture
Outsourced IT support team meeting to discuss response to a client server outage

Disaster recovery

If something suddenly goes wrong, external support will often be flexible and agile enough to respond quickly, and at any time – including outside your typical business hours. They will put your recovery plan into action and have you back up and running ASAP.

Apart from the peace of mind this provides, it also ensures potential disruptions and damage are both minimised.

Compliance and security

Outsourced IT teams will ensure security practices and compliance standards are adhered to, both on a day-to-day basis, and when planning and implementing a transition to upgraded hardware, software, and systems.

You may find their accumulated experience and accreditations also put them in a position to provide your workforce with training – to increase compliance and minimise user errors or potential vulnerabilities.
Outsourced technical support executive preparing to provide advice on compliance standards and cyber security risks

“...always offers a number of cost saving options to deliver the task and future growth.”

Knowledgeableand professional advice to deliver custom packages tailored to our sector andbusiness needs.
~Homegrown Timber Group

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Cost saving

Better deals and insights

With expertise comes experience and knowledge. Outsourced IT services providers will be incentivised to stay up to date with industry developments. They may also have good access to special rates on new software or hardware, thanks to their contacts and professional relationships.

With a reputable IT provider on-board, it becomes easier to stay ahead of the curve – when it comes to emerging technologies – and to achieve savings on new IT assets.
Outsourced IT services team advising client on the cost effectiveness of upgrading in-house systems
Tailored solutions
Compliance Support

For more information on how Micro Maintenance can provide your business with the advanced, comprehensive IT expertise you need...

Dedicated, outsourced IT services can translate into tangible business benefits, in terms of expenditure, strategic planning, and data security – without exerting too much pressure on internal resources or your bottom line.

"Highly recommend – best IT company I have ever worked with."


Brian Acosta, CEO of Racing Rackets Inc.
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