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The benefits of IT consultancy

Working with an IT consultant gives you the benefit of objective expertise and advice. With industry experts focused on driving your IT towards satisfying your goals, you can get on with the important business: running the business.

It’s not just about theorising the best course of action – the steps required to achieve your business aims are designed to have real and positive effects. Understanding the impact and success of these measures necessitates evaluation. A consultancy-provided virtual CIO offers this.
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GDPR expertise

While quality IT consultancy is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, there are some aspects of the work which apply to businesses universally. 

GDPR has added a layer of complexity to business operations, which requires precise management of information storage and collection.

For such a specialised but important niche, solid understanding of the regulations is needed. The consequences of getting it wrong are serious. Consulting with professionals, who have experience of data handling and compliance, should be prioritised if you lack the resource or in-house knowledge.
An IT consultant with experience of solving data handling and compliance issues for UK businesses subject to GDPR
"Micro Maintenance have supported all aspects of our IT and Data needs for many years,"
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Cybersecurity advice

IT consultants can use their expertise to help your business build an additional layer of insulation against malware and external attacks.

By determining the vulnerabilities in your network architecture and pain points in your workflows, a consultant can advise on the appropriate steps to protect your network, and then look at delivering appropriate training to minimise the risk presented by users.

The benefits of IT training

Ensuring your team knows how to operate your systems and software properly is essential to ensuring your business runs smoothly.

The provision of quality IT training can:
Strengthen security, and increase productivity and efficiency
Reduce the risk of downtime due to user error or security breaches
Improve staff morale and confidence, and enable them to develop new skills
Make the transition to new IT systems or technologies easier
IT support staff preparing to provide remote advice and training services to a UK-based client
"Micro Maintenance have supported all aspects of our IT and Data needs for many years,"
Intelligent Security & Fire

Bespoke IT training

Depending on the nature of your business and operations, training can build knowledge and skills applicable to popular software packages, strengthen cybersecurity practices, and ensure any internal IT teams are able to optimise your hardware and software.

If a consultancy already working with you identifies a need for training, there will be a ready advantage – the team will know your systems and software beforehand. This knowledge can be used to inform the training they deliver, whether on-site or remotely.

Delivering excellence

We’ve been putting our industry expertise to use for years, helping businesses across Sussex to achieve the results they need from their investment in IT.

When it comes to effective GDPR practices we also have a lot to be proud of, having been certified by the International Board for IT Governance Qualifications (IBITGQ). This means we’ve met rigorous standards in our understanding and provision of services related to data security.

Bespoke IT training

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