More efficient processes equals more output

IT infrastructure management best practices

By combining experience with technical expertise and business acumen, your IT investment can deliver cost savings, increased productivity, and improved usability.

Our IT management services adhere to established best practice, ensuring your systems are trouble-free, efficient, and cost effective.

Systems analysis

Operational improvements begin with an analysis of your existing framework, systems, and processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

We work closely with you to:
Uncover useful insights about your existing systems
Help plan your IT goals
Ensure you can budget for upgrades and changes
Identify any risks
Outsourced IT team member discussing business infrastructure project with client company
"Micro Maintenance have supported all aspects of our IT and Data needs for many years,"
Intelligent Security & Fire
Business owner in discussion with outsourced CIO about legacy systems and plans for implementing new infrastructure
"We have used Micro Maintenance for about 18 years now and cannot recommend them enough."
Cova Security Gates

Goal setting

IT processes and systems are always evolving. With this in mind, it is important to identify realistic and cost-effective goals when planning for improvements.

We can help you lay plans for your IT infrastructure which:
Match your budget and business requirements
Improve operational effectiveness
Include a clearly defined, target-driven path towards your goals
Identify the best solutions for your business’ circumstances

Ongoing systems auditing

Good IT management is ongoing and proactive. It requires organisations to regularly assess what is working well and to address necessary improvements.

We continually monitor and assess your IT systems to ensure:
You always get the best from your investment
Operational issues are anticipated, avoided, or mitigated
You can plan and budget for upgrades and changes
You stay on track with your goals
Potential cybersecurity events are resolved early
Managed services provider reporting findings of systems audit and its implications for data management
“Anyone can do it once but Micro Maintenance are able to give a good service all the time.”
International Leisure Furniture

Identifying new technologies

As tech evolves, new solutions will emerge which have the potential to transform your business.

Having first established an understanding of your business, we can:
Keep you informed of relevant new technologies
Identify the solutions best suited to your business
Plan and implement any upgrades or migrations
Ensure installation and training occurs with minimal business disruption
Services provider informing client about the physical components and specification of a new hardware upgrade
"We have used Micro Maintenance for about 18 years now and cannot recommend them enough."
Cova Security Gates

Effective communication

Outsourcing your IT management requires a degree of trust. Because we understand the importance of this, we always want to be certain you understand our intentions and actions.

We will endeavour to:
Communicate with you regularly, in clear and transparent language
Provide you with the data you need to make informed decision
Make sure we present data in a meaningful way
Understand the changing needs of your business
Experienced CIO arriving at business premises for a meeting with client about network management and monitoring

Disaster recovery

Data loss, human error, and systems failures due to external events are not inevitable, but they are possible. It makes good business sense to be prepared, given the value of your data and equipment.

We can put in place an actionable disaster recovery plan that:
Outlines the processes needed in the event of a disaster
Ensures business can resume quickly
Includes an inventory of your critical hardware, software, and data
Provides a full back up of critical information
Establishes regular reviews, tests, and updates
IT support team carrying out remote routine maintenance and backups in line with the client’s disaster recovery policy

The success of your business depends on the effectiveness of your IT

We are here to ensure your systems and processes always operate in line with best practice, while achieving optimal performance and results.

"Highly recommend – best IT company I have ever worked with."


Brian Acosta, CEO of Racing Rackets Inc.
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