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IT support services

From management and security to training, innovation, and optimisation – our professional IT support services provide a cost-effective alternative to a fully in-house IT team, ensuring access to a quality support structure that adheres to best practice, and caters for different business needs.

Identifying issues

Poorly maintained hardware and software affects productivity, efficiency, and business relationships with customers and clients.

We take a proactive approach to IT maintenance, which prevents potential problems from developing.

Our expertise helps to:
Prolong the lifespan of your existing systems
Ensure your IT functions smoothly
Improve security and data compliance
IT support partner reporting issues found during audit with client
“The level of support, service and professional expertise we receive from Micro Maintenance, is exceptional.”
Horley Town Council

Updates and patches

While the latest software and firmware upgrades are critical for internal IT infrastructure, installing these across business systems can be time consuming, complex, and disruptive to operations.

Our dedicated third-party IT support services can identify the need for and install updates as required, with minimal disruption. The application of targeted upgrades will help:
Ensure your business is compliant
Strengthen security and remove vulnerabilities
Improve functionality and useability of IT systems
Bolster system performance
Support team members working to make business systems compliant by applying upgrades
"Micro Maintenance have supported all aspects of our IT and Data needs for many years,"
Intelligent Security & Fire
Outsourced IT support personnel providing client workforce with cybersecurity training
"We have used Micro Maintenance for about 18 years now and cannot recommend them enough."
Cova Security Gates

Team training

Business IT systems are designed to be utilised by the workforce. Providing staff with sufficient knowledge and understanding is essential to ensure use is optimised and to mitigate against the effects of both user error and actions by exploitative third parties.

Our team IT training:
Maximises potential for users to gain value from hardware and software
Helps prevent misuse and poor practice
Raises understanding of potential system and network security issues
IT support service operating a fully managed support service desk for businesses

Manned helpdesk

Nothing is more frustrating than a problem you cannot fix. It wastes valuable time, reduces productivity, and can even impact on team morale.

Our expert knowledge of help desk management means businesses receive:
Instant live help and expertise
Remote assistance when appropriate
An in-person visit from an engineer if an issue cannot be solved remotely

Infrastructure appraisal and forward planning

Business IT is a fast-moving industry which requires a high level of technical understanding to navigate. Having a clear overview of any customised set up and how innovation can help is essential for effective purchasing, installation and training that allows businesses to meet their goals.

Management of IT services is an expertise we provide to organisations needing clear direction and leadership that focuses their resources. Our team will assist with:
Auditing existing infrastructure
Identifying and costing potential improvements
Optimising local and cloud services for future business objectives
Ensuring an actionable and up-to-date disaster policy is in place
Securing your network from potential cyberattack
Small business owner discussing infrastructure improvements on phone with managed IT support services provider
“Anyone can do it once but Micro Maintenance are able to give a good service all the time.”
International Leisure Furniture

Regular reporting

Understanding the real-world effectiveness and operational output of your systems and data is necessary for getting the most out of your IT and protecting your network.

Our transparent reporting provides:
A clear, accurate, and impartial analysis of your IT systems and data
The information your business needs to make informed decisions on IT strategy
Better understanding of how your business can utilise the latest innovations and meet potential cyberthreats
Outsourced IT support executive arriving on-site to report on system resilience against cyber threats

For a free consultation on how Micro Maintenance can help with your business IT ambitions

The knowledge, technical skill and experience your business IT plans need to move forward, support existing infrastructure, and reduce future costs is available today.

"Highly recommend – best IT company I have ever worked with."


Brian Acosta, CEO of Racing Rackets Inc.
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