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Managed IT services

IT services and infrastructure form the backbone of modern business. When systems are poorly implemented, they can cause individuals and teams to struggle when delivering products, services, or information.

By outsourcing your IT needs to dedicated professionals, you can relieve the pressure on your organisation by freeing up internal resources otherwise tied into maintaining, monitoring, and updating your own infrastructure.

Instant helpdesk support

When something goes wrong, there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing where to turn for help or spending hours either in a series of phone calls or waiting for an email reply to an open support ticket.

An IT services provider can offer:
An effective support desk, staffed by real people who are knowledgeable, solution-focussed, and accessible when needed
The option for a support team member to attend on-site quickly, rather than push on with defective hardware and software or wait for a costly engineer to be located
IT support text chat between managed service provider and company staff

Proactive maintenance and advice

When your hands are full with the day-to-day of running your business, keeping up-to-date with IT infrastructure developments or optimising and maintaining your own systems can be challenging. It requires, knowledge, time, expertise, and capital.  
By outsourcing management of your IT infrastructure to dedicated professionals, a specialised team of experts will always be at your side. The optimal structure for your IT backbone will be in place and, where improvements can be made, you will be consulted.
Support desk team member responding over phone to business requiring day-to-day support services
“The level of support, service and professional expertise we receive from Micro Maintenance, is exceptional.”
Horley Town Council

Remote system monitoring

When a problem occurs, the timing is never ideal, e.g.
An overnight backup that fails at 3am
A vulnerability in obsolete software that allows an unknowing user to run malicious code
An improperly configured server that has reduced your network speed to a crawl
Enthusiastic support team providing business with IT services including cybersecurity awareness and training
With the right training from professionals, installed safeguards can serve as part of a holistic approach to an effective cybersecurity policy.

Advanced cybersecurity

You can’t afford to be behind the curve when it comes to prevention and detection of cyberattacks– whether they originate in malicious software or bad actors who manage to infiltrate your network.

While it is important to have tools in place that can counter these threats, it’s equally important to know:

how to use and deploy countermeasures
effective ways to avoid attracting threats

Data backups & disaster recovery

With a well thought through data backup and disaster recovery policy, constructed around ISO-related principles, you will always have a standardised and effective way of maintaining business continuity, should the worst happen.

Your disaster recovery policy should be as much about planning how to mitigate the risks to data, as it is about limiting physical damage, maintaining hardware and software, and preserving the integrity of backups. This is where professional help and advice can pay off.
Managed IT support professional arriving at business premises to discuss disaster recovery policy with client
“Anyone can do it once but Micro Maintenance are able to give a good service all the time.”
International Leisure Furniture

IT knowledge and expertise

Micro Maintenance is the expert you want in the field when your goal is to implement a resilient and reliable IT backbone for business.

We can provide the guidance and oversight your IT infrastructure needs, including:
remote and in-person support
consistent system maintenance and monitoring
advanced cybersecurity tools and strategies
effective best practice for disaster prevention and recovery

“They always respond quickly and efficiently.”

All jobs receive the same attention to detail and care.
~ProPharma Partners

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