New Office 365 email scam

The latest email threat is a fake warning message from the “Office 365 Team”, warning that a large number of files have been deleted from your account. The body of the email is typically worded like this:

A medium-severity alert has been triggered
Unusual volume of file deletion
Severity: Medium
Time: 05/31/2019 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Activity: FileDeleted
Details: 99 matched activities in 5 minutes.
View alert details

Thank you,
The Office 365 Team

If you click on the “View alert details” link, you will be taken to a fake Microsoft account login screen that will attempt to capture your Office 365 login details:

New Office 365 Email Scam

A quick look at the address bar at the top of the browser will reveal that you are not actually at the Office 365 login screen, which will always be one of the following domains:


As always, if you are unsure about an email please forward the email to us or give us a call on 01293 446677 for advice.

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