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IT strategic planning

Your IT should deliver value, while helping your organisation achieve its goals.

We help businesses to create clear and focused roadmaps for meeting their IT needs. Every plan underpins a medium- to long-term approach, so businesses are equipped for the futures they want for themselves.

The importance of strategic planning

For businesses to meet their overall goals, IT teams must offer tangible value.

Careful strategic planning can help deliver on this need. Our experience and expertise enable decision makers at all levels to:
Be proactive and respond to changes in circumstances
Reduce costs by streamlining processes and systems
Stay informed and make decisions based on the latest solutions and good practice
Accurately predict IT costs
Improve customer experience
IT consultant meeting with client to discuss company-wide strategic planning process
"Micro Maintenance have supported all aspects of our IT and Data needs for many years,"
Intelligent Security & Fire
Outsourced IT executives agreeing long-term strategic objectives for their client
"We have used Micro Maintenance for about 18 years now and cannot recommend them enough."
Cova Security Gates

Identifying your needs

You cannot plan a journey if you do not have a starting point. When conceiving an IT strategy, this means a full audit of your organisation’s technology.

We can work with you to evaluate and understand:
The systems and processes behind your existing set up
The ways in which customers and clients interact with your business through technology
Best practice in your industry, and how well your business adheres to proven models
How your existing IT is helping or hindering progress towards your business goals
Business owner in meeting with outsourced CIO to discuss implementing solutions that will provide a competitive advantage

Analysis and setting objectives

Reaching your goals involves highlighting any inefficiencies in your systems and processes, and understanding what ideas or resources are needed to achieve your objectives.

As part of this process, we can help determine:
Changes that can optimise your systems for the goals you have in mind
How technology arriving on the market may add value for your business
What solutions are available and any risks they may introduce
The right set of parameters and KPIs for measuring progress and success

Execution and review

Implementing a strategic plan and making it effective means ensuring everyone is familiar with the strategy prior to making critical decisions.

We work behind the scenes to ensure your strategy remains focused and continues to steer the organisation in the right direction. This includes:
Rolling out planned changes and updates
Tracking and measuring progress and performance
Recommending any necessary adjustments
Performing regular reviews of the overall strategy

IT strategic planning

The knowledge, technical skill and experience your business IT plans need to move forward, support existing infrastructure, and reduce future costs is available today.

"Highly recommend – best IT company I have ever worked with."


Brian Acosta, CEO of Racing Rackets Inc.
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